Welcome to the grounds of Dundurn. We're so glad that you could join us here in this incredibly rich and storied place. We're thrilled to offer three separate immersive experiences to the site. First, The Fairy Garden invites you into the magical living world of Dundurn's kitchen garden. Flipping through the Diary, based on verbatim text from the Diary of Sophia MacNab, returns us to the joys and hardships of life in the mid-19th Century, and finally, For the Love of Ghosts puts the listener into the role of 'ghost hunter'  to capture and record the stories and histories of this place.

The three experiences are geo-located around the Castle grounds. Maps below pinpoint these locations, and our distance calculator will tell you how far away you are from each experience. Once inside the geo-located 'bubble', the audio should launch automatically.
If you're having difficulty launching the audio, you can also do so from the menu (in the top right corner) by selecting the experience you wish to view. Please ensure that you allow our site access to your phone's location for optimum performance

The Fairy Garden

 610 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R

Welcome to a world that few people have had the opportunity to explore: the North American fairy garden. According to statistics from the Ministry of the Environment, fairy gardens of this size and diversity are increasingly rare in Canada and on our continent.

Please step gently - and if you do happen to see a fairy... do not disturb them. Whenever you're ready, please press play.

Flipping Through The Diary

 ​Strathcona, Hamilton, ON L8R 3H1

'Dear Mamma told me to always keep such a diary, and if I keep it until I am twenty-one, I will have thirteen volumes. There will be so many stories and memories to flip through. I only hope that I may have the perseverance to continue it.'

--Sophia Macnab, Dundurn

For The Love Of Ghosts

 ​Strathcona, Hamilton, ON L8R 3H1

Hi there, welcome to the Ghost Researcher family! We are so glad that you’ve willingly decided to join us completely of your own accord, and we can’t wait to get to know you.

Creative Team

Written by Robert Motum

Edited by Zach Parsons

Music by Alma Sarai

Performed by Aaron Jan, Trevor Copp, Nada Abusaleh, Alma Sarai, Zach Parsons

Created with the generous support of Dundurn Castle

AR Model: Mystic Tree by Alexandre KOURNWSKY [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza

AR Model: open book by Justin Randall [CC-BY] via Poly Pizza

AR Model: Satellite Dish by Kenney [CC0] via Poly Pizza

The three audio plays are best experienced 'on location' and from a mobile device with headphones.
Each one lasts approximately 10 minutes.
Please remember to be aware of your surroundings and that COVID-19 protocols are in place.

Please also feel free to fill out a Google Form Response with your feedback of PLAY THIS: HAMILTON

Tottering Biped Theatre is thankful for the generous support and funding from the Mainstreet Community Activator Program through the Canadian Urban Institute.